Our philanthropic investments are aimed at improving children’s outcomes through community-based systems solutions and include the following areas of particular interest: Early Childhood Education; Third Grade Reading; K-12 Readiness and Achievement; Summer and Out of School Time; College and Career Readiness and Persistence; Social, Emotional and Physical Wellness.

Partnership. Leverage. Impact.



  • Organizations and Initiatives engaged in systems-change work

  • Organizations and Initiatives that rely on data to measure impact and make decisions

  • Organizations and Initiatives that employ Collective Impact strategies in their work



At RFF, we aim to operate with the following principles:

  • Invest as Partners: Collaboration and partnership with other investors and stakeholders leverages investment and support to organizations and initiatives.

  • Partner in the Spirit of Service: Entering into grantee relationships from a place of humility and listening enhances mutual learning and enables investors to respond more directly to grantee needs.

  • Provide Unrestricted, Renewable Investment Whenever Possible: Unrestricted funding over time is essential for creating healthy, adaptive, effective organizations.

  • Provide Support Beyond the Check: Responsive, adaptive non-monetary support can help foster healthier organizations by bolstering leadership and capacity.

  • Communicate with Transparency and Responsiveness: Open, honest and transparent communication minimizes power imbalances and helps move the work forward.